The Omega Mark

Imagine a time when cemeteries are places of joy instead of sadness. A burial site stimulating smiles, happy tears, and maybe even laughter. That’s what the Omega Mark can do . . . preserve happy memories and have them available at your fingertips always. The joy of loved ones easily shared for generations to come.

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A digital resting place for your loved ones.

Our propriatary software called RememberUsApp uses Aztec codes.



The Omega Mark works great with headstones as it's clean appearance blends with granite, marble, and more.



Even without a headstone, you may place The Omega Mark on Urns or keep them with you at home.



The Omega Mark works perfectly for mausoleums and other indoor or outdoor burial sites.

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Easy & Fast to Setup

Simply scan The Omega Mark at the burial site and you’re done!

Share With Family

Share the RememberUsApp page with friends and family. They can contribute as well.


Save Everything For A Digital Eternity

Introduce your great grandchildren to your parents by simply opening the app. Save videos, text, images, stories, and more so that future generations can know your loved ones.

We grew up in an age where the only thing we could see from our deceased family was photos. Now we sometimes have videos saved or photo albums. What if you could just have it all in one place for that person? That's The Omega Mark. Providing a single and easy to access location to store the life of a loved one for future generations.

“I wanted a simple way to introduce my 5 year old grandson to my mom who died 8 years before he was born.”

Len Strozier



Amazing Features

There are so many features already associated with The Omega Mark and RememberUsApp and so many more to come. Stay tuned for more information soon!

Powerful Dashboard

Login via the website at or download the App from the Play Store or Apple Store.

User Friendly

The less you have to do, the better. Making a system that is friendly for anyone, from any age group, to use is essential.

Location Aware

Walk through any cemetery and see The Omega Mark on headstones. Use the App to find your loved one’s exact location quickly.

Family Friendly

Invite family members to collaborate with your loved ones so everyone can add memeories for all to remember.


Guestbooks are available digitally and can be set to approval so your family is always in control.

Profile Control

Maintain control of the profile with privacy options and content control options even while sharing.

Create their page today and start saving their memory forever.

The features available now are just the start! We have lots of updates to come in the future to make your experience even better.

  • Upload Videos, Images, Text, and Audio
  • Invite Family To Collaborate
  • Accurate GPS Burial Locations
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